<span class="titleheader">Sigara Borek</span> <span class="titleheader">Iskender Kebap</span> <span class="titletext">Vertically grilled lamb sliced and served with yogurt and tomato garlic sauce over pita bread</span> <span class="titleheader">Chicken Adana</span> <span class="titletext">Sauteed pita-croutons with oregano topped with chopped chicken and yogurt, flavored with red peppers seasoned with melted butter, light tomato sauce, and paprika</span> <span class="titleheader">Adana Kebap</span> <span class="titletext">Sauteed pita-croutons with oregano topped with yog╠ćurt, Adana, light tomato sauce, and melted butter</span> <span class="titleheader">Calamari</span> <span class="titletext">Rings of calamari breaded with flour, fried, and served with our house sauce</span> <span class="titleheader">Sigara Borek</span> <span class="titletext">Hot flaky pastry rolls filled with feta cheese and fresh parsley</span>

Traditional Tastes

The Adana

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Vegeterian Tastes

Meet at the Crossroads in Tremont

The Turks of historical times led a nomadic life dependent on agriculture and on the breeding of farm animals. The history of modern Turkish cuisine begins with people who migrated east from the Central Asian plains towards today's Turkey. During the centuries of the Ottoman Empire mutual exchanges of culinary influences among Greek, Persian, Arabic, Armenian, eastern European, and Ottoman Turkish cultures took place.

Today, modern Turkey, its cuisine, and its culture stand as a bridge from east to west, at the crossroads connecting Europe to Asia, the Middle East to Russia, and the Turkic Republics of Central Asia to Europe and Mideast.

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